Intro to Analytics Conference

by Alexandra Enache on 04/05/2017

What’s it like to have a career in analytics? Meet the analysts that generated millions for Fortune 500 companies!

LOCATION: Universitatea Româno-Americană (ground floor, lecture room 017)

DATE: MAY 11th 2017 / TIME: 10:00 AM


- Daniel Herdean – CEO & Co-Founder Cognetik, leading expert in the digital analytics sphere to Fortune 500 companies

- Jenn Kunz, author of and one of the most respected women in the analytics industry

- Radu Lucaciu, VP of Engineering Cognetik

- Daniela Manate, Principal Data Viz Analyst Cognetik


1. Career in Analytics: Jobs in High-Demand, Lucrative and Vital to any Business: Why, Benefits, what is the industry looking for, by Daniel Herdean, CEO & Co-Founder Cognetik

2. Hard Money Analytics: Using Data to Generate Millions of Euros (Marketing case studies from eBay, McDonalds, Target, Sears)  ⎼ Daniel Herdean, CEO & Co-Founder Cognetik

3. Analytics Engineer: What It’s All About and Why It’s The Hottest Engineering Job ⎼ Jenn Kunz, Principal Analytics Engineer and author of

4. Next Generation Analytics Products: Data Connectors, Automated Analysis and Natural Language Generated Insights - Radu Lucaciu, VP of Engineering

5. Data Storytelling: Effectively Conveying Insights Through Data Visualization - Daniela Manate, Principle Data Viz Analyst

6. Q&A

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